How to get started on Instagram for business owners


Over the years we have watched social media grow from being just a medium for posting pictures and having conversations via chats with others to a hub of business activity ranging from branding, ads, promotion, sales, engaging content metrics.

And it’s growth potential remain high and fast-expanding with Instagram remaining one of the most essential marketing tools. And if you haven’t taken advantage of this tool for your business then it’s not late yet.

Do you know more than one million people use Instagram every month and 90% say they follow a business account? So think about the number of people on the planet that can view your product and how it can lead to growth for the business.

sounds amazing right?

so the next question would be how do I get my business started on Instagram? That’s pretty easy. but before we jump into that let me show you how to create a winning strategy for your proposed Instagram business page.


Build a strategy

What man wishes to build a house doesn’t count the cost and before jumping in putting your business on Instagram let’s consider some plans and actions needed to be put in place to ensure we get our targeted results.

  • Set goals and objectives

What’s your big idea? What’s that one thing you want to communicate to your audience through your Instagram business page? and what action so want them to take after seeing your post?.

You can start by identifying your business goal and matching it with how Instagram can help meet those goals. Ensure that you set a SMART goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

  • Define your target audience

Having a good social media strategy requires that you know and understand your target audience.  And this goes beyond just demographic expanding towards their pain points, views, goals etc.

Knowing your customer language helps you create content tailored to meet/go beyond their user experience.


Note that Instagram is beyond just photos. Diversify the content on your page by using video posts or IGTV, Stories are also essential tools on Instagram for businesses having one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories posted by companies.


Hey, remember to add Reels. This makes your business page engaging, educative and unique if as you meet your objectives

  • Create a social media calendar

Having a media calendar goes a long way in making your post/content are consistent. This ensures you don’t miss important events like back to school, holidays (Easter, Christmas, New year),  customer service week etc.


Now that we’ve learned how to build social media strategy let’s consider why Instagram is important for your business growth.


Why your business needs Instagram

For it’s no longer secret that social media tools aid in putting your business on the map and Instagram is part of the best tools to use to grow and evaluate your business for the following reasons;

  • It helps create brand awareness.

  • Increase website traffic.

  • Engage with the audience.

  • Building trust.

  • Gathering feedback.

  • Generate leads.


Getting Started

You can create an account from scratch or switch your personal account to a professional account. And for those that don’t have a personal account here how to go about it


  • Download the Instagram app for your specific device.

  • Open the app and click on sign-in.

  • Fill in the information required.

  • Choose your username.

  • Click on next.

And that ends the process.


That was pretty easy right?. How then do you switch your account?

  • Go to your Instagram Settings and click Account.

  • Click on Switch to Professional account.

  • Choose the category your company falls under (Business account ).

  • Add relevant contact information.

  • Link a Facebook page to your account if you want.

  • Tap done


Optimize Instagram For Business

Having created your business page it’s time you took your branding to the next level.

  • Create a great Bio

Know this- Humans are curious beings and take advantage of this inbuilt character. Create a Bio that gets their attention showing them why your business is the best bet for them. By going straight to the point, using break lines, emoji and CTA this gives your handle an up look.


  • Add relevant contact info

As you use Instagram for business, it’s essential to provide a way for people to contact you directly from your profile. Including your email address, phone number makes it easy for your audience to interact with your business.


  • Add story highlights and covers

This is yet another amazing feature for your business profile. it helps you organize a photo collection using user-generated content like frequently asked questions, events, company products and reviews.


  • Write compelling captions

The caption is a way you tell stories that brings the image to life. And good content must not only be good but authentic, build empathy and trust within its community.

So as you create content for your business handle create them in a way that builds community and is relatable.


  • Engage Hashtags wisely

Do you want your Instagram post to be found by your audience then use hashtags? Using the right hashtags for your post is very important as they are one of the best features to engage your audience.

You can research trending hashtags in your industry, product, location as well as other relevant information.

Also creating a brand-specific hashtag like #BuildAHome aids with branding and a medium to connect with customers and find user-generated content, to share on your page with their permission.


  • Use thumb-stopping photos

Let’s make Instagram work for your business, How you ask by simply having great photos with your content. No worries about getting a professional photographer or equipment your mobile phone is your best friend when it comes to Instagram photography since you can post straight from your device.

By using the best tools to edit your photos from mobile at a low cost.


  • Post Consistently

Consistency is posting content on your Instagram which is one way to keep your business account running.  By so doing you keep your audience engaged and interested showing them you are serious by putting out helpful content thereby building a brand that’s Worth engaging with.

And having a content calendar is important as it makes your content not just organized but also consistent.


Even as you explore different ways to grow your business with the Instagram tool keep in mind that Roman wasn’t built in a day. By being consistent and staying determined you can boost your business. And growing with change is a great way to keep on track.

So here’s to a successful business implementation on Instagram.


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