5 Ways To Use Instagram Stories In Your Marketing


It’s no news that Instagram is one of the most engaging social media channels that holds loads of opportunities for both Individuals and businesses alike. With so many beautiful features to pick from, today we shine the spotlight on the very amazing feature Instagram stories. And yes, Instagram Stories might have only been around for a short period but this is certainly making an impact when it comes to social media marketing. Even as the platform continues to develop this feature in exciting ways – especially for brands. 


With over 500 million users actively checking out Instagram Stories daily and 200 million+ Instagrammers visiting at least one business account daily, your business can take a new level of visibility and engagement. Through short videos or images posted directly to your ‘My Stories’ feature you can share engaging content with your followers that runs only for 24 hours but can also be placed on your business page highlights to customers engaged. And given the addictive design of Instagram Stories users are locked into watching things they didn’t know they wanted to and this is perfect for brands.


Here are  5 ways you should be using Instagram Stories to boost your brand!


  • Use the ‘tapping’ feature to tell a story adding CTA


A majority of businesses use the Instagram Stories feature to show a sequence of images that tell a story about the brand. By making use of the edit functionality to write text or add symbols, it gives your stories a more spontaneous and creative outlook. Do not forget to add a call to action- CTA to your stories encouraging your followers to click on the link you’ll be featuring—whether it’s a link to your product, service, latest blog post, or more.


  • Announce Sales or Other Events


With the nature of Instagram Stories, it is a great place to advertise your brand’s sales, any upcoming events and even show your audience new staff additions. 

These are also brilliant opportunities to post behind-the-scenes footage of the business that wouldn’t  earn a spot on your main profile necessarily. This would make your audience feel privy to the latest info, as well as getting to know you and the business. 


  • Use Polls To Understand Customer Need


Using polls in your Instagram Stories is a great way to drive followers interaction/engagement. Polls provide endless possibilities, and it’s possible to come up with creative campaigns specific to your brand and target demographic.

You can use them for market research, customer feedback, or just to get to know your audience and have a lot of fun getting to know your audience.


  • Customize Your Story Highlights


As a brand you can use highlights to tell people that visit your page who you are and  what you do, even going as far as displaying your product or service. Story Highlights allows you to create specific categories, then group the Stories you want to save within these topics.This allows followers to view content relating to the topics that interest them and with an eye-catching cover they’ll transform your Instagram page into a mini brochure.


  • Using Countdown to boost sales


Although a recent addition to Instagram Stories, the countdown sticker is an amazing feature for brands to promote competitions, sales, and announcements. Followers can now set reminders for the countdown deadline, and your business receives this data to know exactly how many of your audience are most engaged.This is another great data feature for community building. 


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